The Premium music story tour includes all of the standard music story tour as well as Morrissey’s former home, The Smiths locations, Bee Gees former home and school, Factory Records’ first office, Oasis locations in Burnage,  and East Manchester for Simply Red and Mick Hucknall.

The Premium Music Story Tour ends at the Hard Rock Café.

Manchester Music Story Tour - Salford Lads Club

Manchester Music Story Tour – Salford Lads Club

Premium Manchester Music Story Route

A tour guide will take you through the story of Manchester’s music scene, beginning in the 60s right the way through to the present day. The content has been carefully selected by eminent Manchester historian Jonathan Schofield. The narration is accompanied by a soundtrack featuring Manchester’s iconic bands and artists.

Starting in Albert Square, the Standard Music Story Tour Bus tour takes you on a journey through Manchester’s rich musical history. The route passes the locations of Manchester’s original live music venues that laid the foundations for Manchester’s future musical domination. Then, see the former location of the Haçienda, the ultimately ill-fated venture by New Order and Factory Records that was the most famous club in the world. Besides these venues, the city centre part of the tour includes the Free Trade Hall, the venue where the trajectory of Manchester music was changed forever; the Ritz Ballroom, where The Smiths played their first gig; and The Boardwalk nightclub and rehearsal rooms, where Oasis played their first gig.

As you leave the city, you will see Salford Lads Club, which has become a shrine for Smiths fans. Then, travelling further afield you will the former homes, schools, hangouts and record studios of Manchester’s biggest artists. See Morrissey’s former home and locations that inspired his memorable lyrics; the record shop Noel Gallagher used to shop at; Dickenson Road BBC studios, the first filming location of Top of the Pops; and more. Then, returning to Manchester City centre you will see the former location of the Twisted Wheel, the iconic Northern Soul club; and Johnny Roadhouse Music Store, a supplier of instruments to the stars. The tour also includes Band on the Wall, the Manchester Arena, and Chetham’s School of Music.

Hard Rock Cafe

The tour finishes at the Hard Rock Cafe. You can upgrade to include a two-course meal from their Gold Menu. The Hard Rock Cafe contains plenty of musical memorabilia, so you could dine next to Liam Gallagher’s former guitar, David Bowie’s suit, or even John Lennon’s teapot.


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Finish the tour with a meal at the World famous Hard Rock Café

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